A New Concept Album...

Step Fully Into Your Life's Work By Listening To The Vow

A New Concept Album...

Step Fully Into Your Life's Work underneath a new concept album

How This Album Was Constructed

Why is finding your life purpose so hard?

What if it’s because you’re asking the wrong question?

In 10 songs, you can awaken to your heart, and the answer will present itself to you.

Song 1: Whispering To You. 

This song was created to help you to listen to the still small voice.

Song 2: Runway 

Helps you strengthen that voice so it can fly.

Song 3: Stay Away 

Helps you defend your intuition and gifts when others come in.

Song 4: Who Am I? 

Helps you get clear on who you really are (as it relates to your next purpose).

Song 5: Being Present 

Helps you arrive fully to the present to see the obvious things to do.

Song 6: Before The World Got To My Heart 

Humorously, this song helps you leverage the weird qualities of your friends to find more of your own.

Song 7: Waterfall 

Many masculine hearts are like waterfalls trapped behind a wall. This song helps unlock the masculine heart in us all.

Song 8: Crystal ball 

Many feminine hearts are beautiful crystal balls placed in the dark. This song helps unlock the feminine heart in us all.

Song 9: For The Sake Of Love 

This song helps you finish tasks when they get difficult.

Song 10: Fear Comes 

This final song helps you take the first action towards your purpose.

This album was recorded in the frequency of 432hz to better activate your life purpose. This is a frequency that balances the hemispheres of your left and right brain. Most popular music is done at 440hz.

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What If I Already Know What I Need To Do?

Many people have already found their life purpose. If that is you, you can purchase or share this album with a loved one. And for yourself… you can listen to these songs to strengthen your current mission.

How Are You Qualified To Do An Album On Life Purpose?

I find that looking for your next purpose to do is easier than thinking about what you’re supposed to do with your entire life. What’s next? That’s a better question for me. So I work fully on my “next purpose.” I spent 10 years in entrepreneurship only to find my heart awaken to a whole new field… and I walked away from everything slowly… it was very hard. Going into music… I was a 32 year old stranger amongst teenagers at The Berklee School of Music in Boston. My hope is that this album helps you awaken to your next purpose as well. 

Why Is Finding Your Life Purpose So Hard?

Many books have been written on finding your purpose… yet it fails many times. Why?

Finding your purpose is experiential. Not read.

A friend once told me, “I just wish God would tell me… this is exactly what you are supposed to do with your life.”

If only it were that easy… or is it?

Many people are secretly hopeless on finding their purpose. There is still hope. Give this album a shot.

Give it your full attention. Listen to it start to finish. With a journal open. Or just listen casually. Let your body experience it. And see what happens.

I hope it helps you.

It was a labor of love, for the sake of love.