Step 1 of 4 to finding your purpose;
Finding your inner voice


Do this first...

Make sure you're off of Facebook, email, IM and all other distractions (You deserve to enjoy the following 5 minutes in peace)

Make sure your phone won't disturb you

Make sure you have a way to write the thoughts that will come up, whether a pin and a pencil or on your computer

Grab you best pair of headphones

Sit back, relax, and hit play....


Hit Play...


What Impact Does This Have On Your Life?

Take a moment to reflect on how this made you feel

Do you notice a thought pattern you're going through?

Did the words resonate or spark a certain emotion in you?


You're Not Alone...

The world belongs to those who articulate it. Putting words to your situation can be challenging. Once you articulate your feelings, you're on the pathway to freeing yourself from the patterns you're currently trapped in.

Don't go at it alone, it can be a lonely journey

If you want to connect with a group of like-minded people who are all dedicated to finding their purpose and supporting you find yours

Please join The Vow community (if you haven't already), and post your reflections, you will recieve encouragement, support, and love.


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