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What have you always wanted to do?

And what is your why?

For me, it was singing & my dream is to leave a legacy by helping people become free in all ways, through singing. I hurt my voice when I was 21. So I got into business for 10 years. In my time away from music I started 16 businesses, failed at 11, succeeded with 5, and then decided to honour my most vulnerable desire.

I wanted to sing

I’ve hired talented people to run my businesses, so I can focus on expressing myself.

I want to sing to the world, so that we may know a deeper love of life, and have some fun :-)

My latest album releases July 1st

“This is supposed to be a record because who buys
CDs anymore?”

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My current businesses try to solve
difficult problems

Embaracing Who You Are


Painless Transaction Management


Making it Easier To Work


Giving Out Great Business ideas


Starting A Business From Zero


I’ve written a book...
How To Start From Zero

0 Experience, 0 Ideas, 0 Cash & 0 Confidence

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Early music

I’ve been in music for around 4 years at this time. I find my earlier music pretty embarrassing so I’ve taken it off the internet. But if you’d like to hear my first couple of years in music, you can find that below.

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