Welcome to DANE

Why Am I Doing This?!?

Tuesday, 3:29 PM
From sunny, green, beautiful Iowa.

Hi friend 😎

My name is Dane.

When I turned 39 years old, I still felt empty inside and it didn’t feel good 😥

It shocked me when I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams in business (I wrote a book about it)… only to realize I had been avoiding the only dream I ever truly cared about.

One I had "forgotten."

To sing for people 🎤

The purpose of this music is to help your dreams become tangible and real. To unlock the next version of you. The one that is more yourself than any other version before it.

What Version of Yourself Must You Remember
To Become All You're Meant To Be?

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PS - There will never be another you 😄

Another heart like yours. Another mind like yours. Another face like yours. Another body like yours. Another personality like yours. Another note like the one you can make.

That makes you irreplaceable. This means it is imperative that you become yourself.

We literally need you to be you. You’re here for a reason.

We’ll never get another you.

Let’s go!